Nationality caucasian
Age 44
Bust 34
Hair colour Brown
Tatoo No
Height 5.4
Service for Men, Women
Availability Outcall
Eyes Grey
Affiliation Independent

Hey there! You’re in the right spot if you enjoy spending time with a friendly and approachable person. I’m Alyssa. It’s excellent to meet you!

Look into my eyes, and you’ll notice my gentle side. I aim to captivate you with my charm and always do that well. Want to plan our next hangout? Once you do, there’s no going back. I’m eager to ensure you have a great time, and I showcase my professionalism whenever I get the opportunity.

Thanks for hanging out here, and now, let’s take it to the next level—give me a call!

Cheers, ‘Lyssa

(702) 514-1204