Nationality Caucasian
Age 31
Bust 34
Hair colour Brown
Tatoo No
Height 5.3
Service for Men, Women
Availability Outcall
Eyes Grey
Affiliation Independent

Your Ideal Date with Anabella

Hey, guys! Have you ever thought about being super close and making incredible memories together? That idea gives me the best kind of shivers. What about you?

We could have a fantastic night out, just you and me. Share your dreams, and we can make them real, creating memories that’ll stick with you. I’m into old-school stuff, like retro dresses, vintage perfumes, and unique accessories. Maybe that’s why I’m so classy. I’m excited about the idea of being your pick. I promise it’ll be awesome!

Until we meet, sending you big hugs and kisses!

 (702) 514-1204