Nationality Black
Age 30
Height 5’3”
Bust 34
Eyes Brown
Hair colour other
Tatoo No
Service for Men, Women
Availability Outcall
Affiliation Independent

Hey there!

I’m Ellana, and I’ve got a fantastic body that’s like an hourglass. Imagine having a slice of heaven served on a silver platter—it’s that good! I’d hate for you to miss out on the fun. I understand you want to be careful about who you spend your time with, and I totally respect that.

Let me assure you that you’re in safe hands with me. My strong suit? Keeping things private. Whatever happens when we’re hanging out stays between us. So, feel free to relax and have a good time; I won’t do anything to make you question your safety. I hope this makes you more confident, and maybe you’ll give me a call. Can’t wait!