Nationality Latina
Age 38
Height 5'3"
Eye Color Blue
Weight 136 lbs
Hair Brown
Tattoo No
Bust 34
Availability Outcall
Affiliation Independent
Model Information

Greetings, I am Gabriella,

A fit and voluptuous individual. I possess a flawlessly sculpted physique, complete with ample, firm, and uplifted breasts of a C-cup size. It would be my utmost pleasure to entice and captivate you, offering a sensuous massage. My primary passion lies in dancing, although I thoroughly enjoy indulging in trips to the cinema and shopping excursions in Las Vegas. Countless men have hailed me as the embodiment of Latina beauty, and I yearn to demonstrate their rationale to you. As an escort,

I am the ideal companion for you, and I eagerly anticipate showcasing my newfound techniques to you. Feel free to contact me, and I will exhibit my abilities… I await your call.


(715) 403-5040

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